Geophysics Heresy

A stochastic model of the earth's interior

A stochastic model of the earth's interior is proposed in which the number of assumptions is kept to a minimum. Despite this simplicity, complex behaviour occurs as a consequence of further assumptions: that convection cells form spontaneously and at random in the outer liquid core as heat builds up from radioactive sources, that each of these cells spontaneously generates its own magnetic field, that each cell melts the solid mantle immediately above it because of the extra heat being convected outward from the hot core and that in this way each convection cell propagates upwards through the otherwise solid mantle.

The upward-moving, liquid-in-solid convection cells formed in this way are proposed as the primary mechanism by which the core is cooled. The totality of convection cell dynamo fields is proposed as the origin of the geomagnetic field.

Because cooling is a stochastic process, there will be times when the earth is heating faster than it is cooling and vice versa. Hence there will be times when the volume and surface of the earth are expanding and new crust is formed and there will be other times when the surface is contracting and the crust, being too large for the smaller surface, is forced to ramp up, wrinkle and subduct in order to be accommodated by the smaller area.

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